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Models / Josh Young

Josh Young Vital Stats:
Age:  18
Fun Fact:  Is an ABSOLUTE virgin

Josh is an 18-year-old straight boy who is a virgin. Before coming to us, Josh had never had any sort of sexual contact. He had never kissed a girl (and definitely no guys). He has never been on a date. Nobody, other than a doctor, had ever touched his penis (not even over clothing). Josh is ABSOLUTE virgin.
Josh Young Updates

Josh's Anal Massage
Josh Young
Josh is very cute 18-year-old who came to us a complete virgin. We’ve already published videos showing his first gay experience (which was his first-ever sexual experience of any kind), and his first-ever blowjob. Now we bring you a video showing his first-ever anal penetration. Normally we would...

Tags: Ass Play, Bubble Butt, Defiling, Massage

Josh's First Ever Blowjob
Josh Young
Josh is a hot 18-year-old straight boy who came to us an absolute virgin. Josh was quite a find for us. He had never had any kind of sexual contact before his previous video (“Josh’s First Gay Experience”), and had certainly never done any kind of adult work. As a result, you are seeing his first-ever...

Tags: Blowjob, Bubble Butt, Massage, Post Orgasm Torture

Josh's First Gay Experience
Josh Young
In this video, you will witness a young man’s first sexual interaction of any type, period. Josh is an extraordinary young man whom we were very lucky to find. He is an 18-year-old straight boy from a small town in the middle of nowhere. When you meet him, you instantly know he is 100% trustworthy...

Tags: Bubble Butt, First Gay Encounter, Massage, Teenager

Josh's Interview
Josh Young
Josh is an 18-year-old straight boy from a small town in the midwest. When we met him, he was already looking for adult work, even though he is an absolute virgin. And, when we say “absolute,” we mean ABSOLUTE. Josh has never been on a date, never kissed a girl and never had any sexual contact with...

Tags: Interview, Teenager