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Models / Dalton Merritt

Dalton Merritt Vital Stats:
Age:  22
Fun Fact:  Got semi-erect during his interview

Dalton is a hung 22-year-old surfer boy with a set of low-hanging balls. He took a few months to decide to do a video. Dalton is very laid-back with sleepy eyes and the type of chill attitude that one might expect from a surfer.
Dalton Merritt Updates

Dalton Jerking Off
Dalton Merritt
Dalton is a straight, blonde 22-year-old surfer. He was nervous about doing this video, but he needed money, so here he is. In this video, you'll see Dalton jerking off. He gets into it and takes his sweet time. We edited out a bit of it to make it more interesting, but Dalton jerked off for over...

Tags: Blondes, Hung

Dalton's Interview
Dalton Merritt
Dalton is a blonde 22-year-old surfer boy with a big dick and large balls. It took him a few months to decide to do a video. He was low on funds, so he finally agreed. In this interview video, you'll see Dalton get naked on camera for the first time. You'll hear him discuss his sex life and his favorite...

Tags: Blondes, Hung, Interview